AlienBees Overview

Weather you’re a budding photographer or a seasoned professional getting the right lights for your studio is very important and I am going to tell you why alienbees are the right choice for both amateur and professional photographers. With all the selection out there in many varying price points it can be very tricky and challenging and can leave your head spinning. I have been making a living with photography since 1998 and have used many lighting setups over the years, not one brand or setup has come close to the quality of lighting I have received from my AlienBees digital photo lighting. I would like to mention I have zero affiliation with the alien bees company and am just looking to share my experiences with new photographers who are in the market to maybe purchase their first set of alienbees lights.

alienbeesWhy Choose AlienBees

I am assuming if you have come to my page you are doing some research on digital photo lighting and would like more information on alienbees or have narrowed down your search to alien bees. For me when I am choosing a lighting system there a few different factors I look for. The two main being quality and value. In these tight financial times we are all looking to save some money so when purchasing photo equipment such as the alienbees lights we want to get the best price we can for a setup that will meet all our requirements and give us many years of trouble free photography and light usage.

What to Expect From AlienBees Lights

I own two complete studio sets of AlienBees that I Use in two different studios, My first set I have been using for 6 years and they work just as good as the day I purchased them and trust me I take allot of photos, they have allot of mileage to say the least. Over the 6 years I have had no issues with performance or regret in the purchase. They have been a pure joy to use and has helped in aiding me the output off many wonderful photographs over the years. So if your looking for a long lasting quality digital photography light set with good value you just can go wrong with alienbees.

My Alienbees Recommendations

If your just looking for a nice hobby photo lighting system that will output great lighting at a good price I would recommend the AlienBees B400 Flash Units you wont go wrong with these bad bays and will work for all your needs

If you’re a more seasoned professional and looking for more power the AlienBees™ B1600